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Given that Maria likes to work behind the scenes, she should reserve the room. She is also a history major, which is not associated with STEM, therefore she would fit best in the workshop doing things other than directly dealing with STEM. This is why she could also advertise for the workshop, because she is detail oriented and she would be good at making something to catch people’s eyes, such as a flyer.

Jack is good with finances, so he would be a good person to secure $300 in funding from sponsors. He would also be good at designing the curricula because his major is STEM related so it will be easier for him. He needs concrete tasks and planning the curricula is good for that.

Anna came up with the idea for the project so she already has good ideas in mind, so she should design the curricula. She would also be great at teaching on the day of the workshop because she is so passionate about it.

Tim would be assigned the task of advertising because he has a history of graphic design. His skills would be great with creating works that would interest the public. He likes interacting with the public which shows he is not afraid of talking in front of an audience, therefore he would also be good at teaching on the day of the workshop.