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Anna would be selected as the leader of the group and will be asked to be asked to work the workshop, her ability to lead and her passion behind It makes her the best candidate in this roll. I have Marie as her second hand man. She will be in charge of keeping the group organized and moving in he right direction. She will basically being asked to manage every aspect¬† like where¬† the workshop will be held and what will go on during the workshop this allows her to be involved and also not be the center of attention like anna. Jack will be head the fundraising portion, while Tim will be apart of the design part. These too will collaborate together since both task will eventually intervene and without the fundraising, Tim will be limited in what he designs so it is important that Jack does a great job with his part. I also want Tim to work the workshop with anna I think he can assist her as leading the workshop and I will find it beneficial if Jack helps Marie so she doesn’t have an extreme workload.