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To start off with the roll assignments.  My two speakers would be Tim and Anna. I chose Tim because in his profile it says he wants to interact with the public and says he is good a graphic design so he could make a cool powerpoint or design. I chose Anna to do this as well because in her bio it says she leads several groups on campus and is really passionate about this project. I would assign Jack to get the $300 in funding from the sponsors because it does say that he is comfortable in working with the money and financing. For the actual curricula I would give the majority of this role to Maria, because it says she is very detail-oriented and well organized but would like to stay in the background. I would also tell Anna to tag along in this role of the curricula because conceived the initial plan for the workshop and is passionate about the cause. Finally I would assign the whole group the the advertising because everyone is their respective major and can advertise to a different group.