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Job Assignments
Maria: reserve a room and design curricula
Jack: secure $300 in funding from local sponsors and reserve a room
Anna: advertise for the workshop and teach on the day of the workshop
Tim: advertise for the workshop and teach on the day of the workshop

For the STEM-focused workshop, I have 4 workers with different skills: Maria, Jack, Anna, and Tim. Maria is a detailed, well organized person who prefers to stay in the background of group projects, so I assigned her important roles that do not require her to stand in front of a crowd. I picked Maria to reserve a room because of her preference to stay out of the light. Maria’s second task is for her to design curricula; Maria is one of the best options for this task because, as stated above, she is detailed and well organized which means she will be able to set up how the workshop will operate and look. My next worker, Jack is comfortable working with money and financing, which means he would be a perfect option for securing $300 in funding from local sponsors. As a pre-med major, he should have good interpersonal skills which may charm people into donating money. The description of Jack also mentioned he is a student who needs clear deadlines to thrive; I was having a tough choice deciding whether he should help reserve a room or advertise for the workshop. I ultimately decided that Jack should help reserve a room with Maria because there would be a date that the workshop would be held on, so he would know that he needs to reserve a room before it is the day of the event. For my third worker, Anna, I decided to assign her the tasks of advertising for the workshop and teaching on the day of the workshop. Anna is the current leader of several groups on the JMU campus, so I feel like she would be an excellent and responsible teacher for the workshop. She also came up with the initial idea for the workshop and is really passionate about it; in advertising, you need someone who is truly interested in the product/idea/event in order to sell the need to come check it out. I think that Anna would be the perfect person for both of these tasks. Lastly, I have Time who has multiple great characteristics. The first thing about Tim that caught my eye was the fact that he has a graphic design background; this most likely means he is close to an expert at creating images with objects/Photoshop. I feel like this skill would enable Tim to create amazing flyers which would help with advertising for the workshop. Another great characteristic of Tim is that he is interested in interacting with the public; this is a perfect trait when it comes to teaching, so I picked him to teach the workshop with Anna.