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For the two weeks of my mindfulness exercise I selected yoga. This was the only one in the selections that I believed even had a chance of helping me throughout these past two weeks. The only way I felt as if I was going to benefit was in a physical way by stretching my muscles and becoming more flexible. Little did I know that even though they were not drastic changes in my life I had other than physical changes.

The readings were the least beneficial to my mindfulness activities over the past two weeks. They also did not impact my life very much either because when I was reading these it felt as if some hippie was feeding me spiritual information on mindfulness and how its good for your soul, at least thats how I perceived it. So even though I did read the excerpts given I mainly stuck to the yoga, which was my activity for the the two weeks. The one big thing I did gain from the readings given were that mindfulness does not just have to do with your surroundings but your emotions and inside your mind.

The yoga as I said earlier was my activity. During the first week of my yoga I was getting bored and thinking it was stupid. I felt as if even though my stretching was getting better it was a waste of time and could be doing something better. At the beginning of the second week my body it self started feeling more relaxed and I started feeling less fatigues throughout the days. Then by the end of the second week I started feeling very calm and relaxed while doing the yoga and my mind was at ease and I did not have a worry in the world. In all the yoga benefited me in more ways then I imagined even though they were subtle changes in my mind there was at least some.