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The readings and content in this course have impacted my life in the past two weeks by showing me the importance of mindfulness. I have come to the realization that by taking time out of my day to focus, breathe, and think about the present has helped me live a happier and less stressful life. Just by doing it for the past two weeks I already feel more relaxed and enjoy waking up every morning. I have learned that mindfulness activities can be as simple as taking a yoga class or coloring. The article about the brain helped be learn more about all the different parts of the brain and how they function. I found it interesting to see the different practices you can do to relax the several parts of your brain. I have always been the type of person to become overwhelmed by anxiety and stress and would never know how to calm down. I have learned many methods from this course that I will definitely apply to my life in order to make sure I become less stressed and focus on my well-being.

The content in this course affected my perceptions and perspectives on mindfulness because I now see how much it truly works. Before, actually trying these activities I did not think they would actually work. People always told me meditation is helpful but I never believed this was true. I thought it was all in your head and it would only work if you convinced yourself it was helpful. I am now educated that it does work and can improve my mental health and stress levels tremendously. I have seen an overall improvement on my attitude and feel way more positive and awake during the day. The article, “When Mindfulness Meets the Classroom”, written by Lauren Cassani Davis was particularly interesting to me. It was inspiring to see how an English teacher named Argos Gonzalez had the power to help his students through mindfulness activities.

To continue, Gonzalez being able to say an emotion and trigger the students from low class backgrounds to think about moments in their lives was truly inspiring. One student who was triggered by the word “sad” particularly stood out to me. She told her teacher how “those feelings are there, but they won’t kill me’, she said “I still have my days where it’s not easy, but mindfulness helps me [her] a whole lot”. She said how being able to breathe and relax helped her get through hard times a lot easier and how she wished she should have know about this earlier. This made me understand that it does work and can help you use hard times to become a better person. You can use these obstacles to benefit yourself instead of making them into negative aspects of your life. Overall, after completing the numerous activities I have learned how much mindfulness can change my life. I am going to use everything I learned in order to benefit myself and make me more relaxed throughout the day. I am thankful that I now know these numerous ways of helping me live a better life.