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Coming into this assignment learning about “mindfulness” I was very unsure about how it could influence me. Personally, at first I was not sure how mindfulness worked and did not know how accurate the facts were. But, after finishing this and doing the readings and a sample mindfulness exercise I realized mindfulness is serious and does have an impact on people.

What I really enjoyed about this C21 was all of the different ways given in order to practice said mindfulness. You can do it anywhere at any time as long as you focus. Some ways are yoga, journaling and visualizing, which is my personal favorite. Also things such as sitting in silence and relaxing are great ways. It was great that an audio recording was given of a specific mindfulness exercise. In the audio, she said that our ears were like radio stations and we can channel our selves in to whatever we want to hear, for example our heart rate and breathing.

I am very happy with how this has influenced my views on mindfulness. It is definitely something I will use more often then none. Being that I do have occasional anxiety I am excited to see how useful this is and how it can have a positive impact on my mental health for the rest of my life.