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The two types of projects I chose to look at were podcasts and blogs. The blog I chose to read was “Lets stop pretending that students are a threat to free speech”. This article discusses how they painted over a poem that couldĀ  be considered racist. The people who are in the right wing were very angry and blamed the students who did it. They believed that they were covering up history. Over the poem they painted another poem that was written by Maya Angelou. The thesis of this article was that the students were not trying to cover up history they were trying to send out a different message than the original poem had. The person who wrote it was actually from the university so he seems like a pretty credible source although his view couldĀ  be obscured depending on which side he is on. This article did not have a lot of pictures or bold words so it was more boring to look at so I think they could have improved there. I think that this project could be done on paper and it would have the same effect that it does on the blog site. It does have one picture but it is not very relevant to the thesis. Overall I think that it was a good article but they could of added a lot more to the blog post to make it more interesting, like pictures or bold words.

The next one I chose was a podcast. The podcast was called “living both sides of abuse and choosing neither”. It talks about someone who has been abused before and what that was like for her. She then goes on to say that because of her mom who abused her she also became an abuser herself to her boyfriend Mike. She knows why she did it and used to justify it as: he did something wrong so what I’m doing is okay. She is okay now and has gotten help since then. The thesis of this podcast was to know what a abuse is and what to do if it happens. There was really only one source and that was the person speaking. I think that you can trust more of what she is saying because it is coming from the person that was in that situation. She is also telling a story so she can’t be really opinionated. I think that her talking made it a lot more personal. When you listen to someones voice its a lot different and it makes it easier to understand what they are trying to say. Overall I think this was a very interesting and personal way to tell her story and I liked that she used her voice because it makes it a lot more personal.