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Publishing Experience

This publishing experience allowed me to expand my understanding of these websites. I have had previous experience using Weebly and Wix through class. I have created an online portfolio and a website for my mom’s art using these websites. Weebly and Wix are similar and allow you to add more design elements than the fairly standard Word Press. Vimeo and Youtube give users the opportunity to upload their own videos. Of the two I was more familiar with Youtube, as I’ve published my own videos on the site.  Upon completing this activity, I am happy with my choice using these platforms. They are very user friendly and allow me the perfect platform to publicize myself and my work. Specifically Wix includes great design elements for publishing my work. Multimedia design elements I used for this assignment included bolding and italicizing some words. I also included a link to my online portfolio created on Wix as well as the company’s logo.