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After completing the platform comparison between the various applications, I learned that each one is different. Each one of these websites can be used for different projects and activities. Wix and Weebly allow you to create a website of some sort while Vimeo and YouTube allow you to upload videos. Despite these similarities, all of these websites have differences as well. Videos that are originally posted on Vimeo can later be uploaded to YouTube as well. These websites all have various tools that can be useful for a variety of projects and it’s important to be able to navigate all of these applications.

This semester, I took a WRTC for my minor. This specific class centers around a semester-long project where we were able to choose a topic and then do a project on that topic, whether it be a website, blog or even just a paper. I chose to do a blog on the topic of mental health using Wix to create the blog. I had used Weebly in the past for smaller projects and found it hard to understand. Wix was very easy to figure out and it gave me step-by-step instructions for the majority of the creation of my blog. There is more creative freedom that comes with using Wix than there is with a similar website like Weebly. For this blog, I was required to use different elements, like color schemes, typography, themes, and more.

For this post I used proximity by putting the photos between the text and relatively close. Since I referenced Wix in the previous paragraph, I decided to put an image of the Wix logo immediately below it. This also uses the temporal contiguity principles because of the logos below the text.