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After completing the platform comparison between the various publishing platforms, I learned that is very useful to become familiar with a lot of different resources. All of these websites have different tools that are helpful for all different types of projects, but it is definitely important to know which is best for the project you wish to create.

During an internship this summer for a music production company, I was tasked to create an animation for the 4-year anniversary for the company. I chose to use Vimeo to release the video on. After completing this publishing course and researching more about both Vimeo and YouTube, I still believe that I selected the correct platform. YouTube might be a more well-known platform, but Vimeo has better features to track views and categorize your video to attract more viewers.



In this video, I used multiple multimodal design principles without really knowing it at the time. I used Spatial Contiguity in the creation of the video by ensuring that the main character of the animation was always in the center of the video. This conveyed to the audience that the focus of their attention should be on the boy since he is always placed as the center of attention. I also implemented the Multimedia Principle because the only words displayed in the animation are the name of the company. By limiting the amount of words it makes the audience not only remember the name of the company (because those were the only words displayed), but also because the focus of the animation is focused on the visuals.