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After completing the platform comparison activity, I was able to learn that each of the tools can be used for leisure, business, or school. Often in classes, I hear about the professional ways to utilize each website, but after comparing, I see that it can be completely customized to fit your needs. Websites are a great tool to demonstrate your style and your personality – through your design choices alone.

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For one of my classes, I had to create a website. We were taught how to use Wix, WordPress, and Weebly. From there, we were able to choose any of the websites to create our own – since each of us had a different preference for which to use. I chose to use Wix because I thought it was the easiest to navigate and understand. I created the website for a my cousin – since she wanted a website for her wedding, but was completely unfamiliar with the website design process. We had a link to her engagement photo gallery as well as a link to her registry. Image may contain: 1 person

After learning more about each tool, I’m glad I chose to use Wix. I still find it the easiest to use out of all of the tools. I find that Wix was especially appropriate for something like a wedding website, since I was able to help her personalize it. The website really reflected the couple and their relationship – which is something that guests and friends really admired. Wix has a lot of resources for its users, which is another reason why it’s my favorite. For example, Wix has a lot of wedding templates available here, which made the process for the creation of the wedding website even smoother – from start to finish! They also have video tutorials, which is a great tool for visual learners like myself. Here’s a video that goes along with the theme I’ve previously discussed, which are events – like weddings!

I really appreciate Indesign but I think the design could be made more simple. I think if that were the case – I may use it more often.

When creating this post, I used images for each portion of my post. I used the website image in my introduction to give the reader an idea of what my topic was and to create a visual for the post. I used a photo of my sister’s engagement photo to introduce (and show!) my use of Wix. I think it was effective and interesting! I also used a hyperlink to take readers to the templates that I discussed. Lastly, I inserted a video to take users to Youtube to better understand Wix.