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From this assignment I learned about some key differences in the publishing websites. The one i was most familiar with was YouTube coming in so comparing that to Vimeo was the way I gained the most understanding. I noticed right from the start of creating a Vimeo account that it was much more promotional for its own product then YouTube is.

First visual on the screen after creating a Vimeo account.

It is also easier to search for videos on YouTube and find the specific video you are looking for. For instance, if I wanted to search for college football highlights from 2002, I would simply type it in the search bar and ,any videos such as this one would be available. If I do the same search in Vimeo, the search is not as specific. I also explored the website creating websites and found that Weebly offered a built in store option while Wix had an option to build the website for you. Weebly immediatly made me think “cutting edge” the way the website was laid out while wix had a more relaxed, user friendly feel.


In school I have used YouTube and WordPress to complete various assignments. I chose those platforms mainly because I was familiar with their features more so then other platforms. I believe I would still choose to use those platforms because of their ease of use. Vimeo interests me because I can upgrade my account. This also makes me question what I am missing with not being fully upgraded and if it would be worth it. YouTube on the other hand is fully free but perhaps does not include some of the additional features of Vimeo.


In this post I used a picture as well as links to videos on both YouTube as well as Vimeo. I wanted to show the difference in ease, at least for me, in using YouTube over other video publishers. Also, I wanted to express my dislike for the advertising of the Mevo Camera which is why I included a picture of it.