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Publishing Reflection

After completing the platform comparison activity, I learned that most sites that allow publishing have similar formats and wording that essentially do the same things in a publishing sense. In my one class at JMU, I had created a word press blog. Our group felt that this was the most known site and was straightforward when we signed up. It took us a day or two to get familiar with the navigation but after that, we felt comfortable. As you can see from the link below, our site was created on the WordPress site and it looks very unprofessional and confusing. We tried our best with the resources given, but our experience would deter me from using it again.
After learning about the other sites on this C21 assignment, I would like to try out Weebly. It essentially took the information that you give it in the beginning and formulates templates for you. I believe this would have saved my group some time. On the video platform called YouTube, there are plenty of beginning tutorials for easy creating. This one that I found shows you how to get started in just 20 minutes.

In this post, I bolded and made the title font larger so it stuck out as important, and have added photos so the reader would be able to recognize the publishing sites. The text is broken up in a way that answers all the questions, too. In addition, I have hyperlinked our groups 261 WordPress site to allow the reader to have a visual to what I am talking about. I have also attached the youtube video that explains weebly to make a point that it is easy.