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After analyzing the features of several publishing platforms, some interesting comparisons can be made. All of these platforms are great for publishing a message — the message itself dictates which platform would be best. I’ll compare each platform by splitting them into two categories: website creators and video sharing platforms.

Website Creators – Wix vs. Weebly vs. WordPress

In terms of website creation, Wix offers the most creative freedom. There are endless templates that are customizable, allowing the author to explore their creativity while sharing their message. This tool would be best for a creator that wants to stand out from a crowd. I would recommend this for someone in a creative arts field, like a musician or a dance company.

Weebly seems to be the easiest website creator to use. While their list of templates is scarce, the designs are extremely easy to navigate. If your message is detail-specific and requires a more straightforward medium, Weebly would be the site to use. I would recommend Weebly to a small business owner.

WordPress seems to be best suited for long-form blog posts. Its website is a little difficult to navigate, but it allows for deeper thoughts to be explored. The customization of the page, however, is limited. I love the integration of multimedia into blog posts – it’s easy to insert photos and videos into posts, like I’ve been doing throughout this assignment. I would recommend WordPress for a personal blogger, or someone in an academic field.

Video Sharing Platforms: YouTube vs. Vimeo

YouTube is one of the world’s largest platforms for sharing media, and its extremely easy to navigate. In my internet experience, I’ve observed that online users are more likely to click on an embedded YouTube link than another video sharing website, so YouTube would be a great platform if you want your video to be seen by as many eyes as possible. I would recommend YouTube to anyone sharing online video.

Vimeo seems to focus on high-quality videos, such as short films. Quality and art are definitely the focus for Vimeo – their website layout is similar to YouTube, but the focus is less on comments or advertisements and more on the video itself. The website does run a little slow. I would recommend Vimeo to those who are producing content that should be seen in high definition.


Outside of C21, I have used Weebly for a website design. I would have probably chosen Wix as my designer of choice if I had to start over, as Wix offers greater creative freedom.

To create this post, I decided to use the temporal contiguity principle, showcasing the logos of each website right above the text describing the website. This draws the eye and emphasizes the text body. I also used the multimedia principle for the same reason – people learn better from words and pictures rather than just one or the other.