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Mindfulness Assessment

Throughout the past two weeks I have implemented the work and volunteering technique. I have implemented this into my schedule by allocating an hour every weekday to conduct this technique. For me work and volunteering was broad. Work to me was doing productive activities that didn’t relate to school and volunteering was helping with philanthropy events with my fraternity.

This has impacted my life because It made more productive and disciplined. When it came to work I would work on scholarships, going to the gym, and maintaining a neat dorm. For each aspect I treated them like actual jobs. Setting times that I forced myself to be on time. I stayed very consistent in the completion of all these activities and made me very disciplined. If a friend offered to hang out during one of my “work” hours I would decline because, like a job one can’t just change times right before their shift. For example, I set going to the gym for five o’clock every weekday. I hit all these times and noticed how consistency plays a huge role in effectiveness.

For volunteering I attended philanthropy events. The reason I chose volunteering as my technique is because I am very fortunate to be able to attend college and have a loving back at home, so I want to give back to the less fortunate and give back to the community. After each my volunteering sessions I felt really good. My mind was cleared, and it relieved a lot of my stresses

My overall experience with Mindfulness has been positive. Not just finding a technique to implement into my schedule but also journaling and posting each experience. By keeping track of each aspect of my technique on a weekly basis I was able to observe its effectiveness. After this course I come to the realization that mindfulness is critical in having a better lifestyle and is something that I will implement in my life for now on.