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Through this module I learned not only how to be focused on my surroundings but also on my feelings and emotions. Before I began this module, I was not very good at being relaxed and focused. I could focus on a task, but I was always very tense when I was working. After completing this module and choosing meditation as my activity, I began to be able to relax when faced with what would have been stressful amounts of work.

When I started this module I was hesitant to continue with it, I didn’t believe this would actually have any relevance in my life. However, when I did the guided meditation, I was the most relaxed I had been in a long time. This made me want to continue the module. Once I chose meditation and began to do it every once and a while over the two weeks, I was becoming more relaxed in general, not just when I was meditating. This helped me very much because it allowed me to focus on my work easier, without other stresses distracting me. It was somewhat difficult to incorporate into my schedule consistently, but overall it helped me greatly. I have become more relaxed and aware of my emotions.

I believe this module was very helpful, it helped me become more relaxed and aware of my own emotions. My overall mood has improved greatly and I am not as uptight, I dont let all of my responsibilities overwhelm me. I will continue to practice meditation when I feel too stressed and believe that it will help me clear my head. I do not plan on stopping using mindfulness techniques as a whole due to the fact that I also use movement to help clear my head. The pros of the experience I chose are that it was a good strategy to clear my head. The cons were that it was time consuming and I didn’t really get anything material done in that time. Overall though I think it was a good use of time.