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               The readings and content in this course has greatly impacted me in my day-to-day college life. From the readings, I learned a tremendous deal of specific parts of the brain and their functions and what role each plays in the emotional wellbeing of a person. Taking time out of each day to not only focus my breathing, but also implement reflective journaling cleared my mind and felt as though I became more calm and in control of myself. Writing blog posts about it also made me think more analytically about my experience and reflect on what specifically went well and what was particularly challenging about the process.

               I used to do journaling; I have records of many exciting events in my life that I decided to jot down in depth. As I got older though, I started to not write as much anymore and it became a thing of the past. Getting back into it during these past two weeks proved to be very fulfilling and reminded me of the feelings I used to have when doing this in my past years. In my journals, I focused on what the highlights were of each day that I participated in this and why they made me feel happy. I also looked at what may not have gone so well for me and reflected on why that could’ve been and how I can learn or grow from it. This helped me try to pick out the positives and increased my overall attitude I feel like.

               The difficulties that I faced over these two weeks are finding the time to set aside for the journaling exercises, as I found myself to be very busy with schoolwork. As I have learned in my critical thinking class this semester, though, I am so “busy” because I am filling up gaps of time doing meaningless things such as being occupied by my phone. Setting the phone aside can be tough sometimes, but when I really tried to do so, I did find that I had more time than I realized.

               Through this course and my experience, I now have a much better understanding of what mindfulness is all about and how it is essential to incorporate into my daily life here in college and beyond. There needs to be balance and through these mindfulness practices, balance and peace can be restored.