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My initial impression of the mindfulness module was that it was going to be tedious and a little hard to get through. I didn’t think it was going to be more of an interactive eye-opening spiritual journey that allowed for the means to care for oneself. Pleasantly surprised would be a more accurate way to describe the two weeks that have passed. Cross-stitching was a common venture that my Yiayia had participated in, and she taught me how to take on the task before her passing. Experiencing the same relaxation I did when I was younger was refreshing, especially after the nonstop bombardment of schoolwork. The only complaint I would have regarding cross-stitching is my own personal clumsiness with a needle and the minimal room for mistakes. Once you start cross-stitching, if there is an error with the placement of the stitch and you do not notice it, things can get a bit messy. Moreover, a messy part of the mindfulness module was scheduling the time to do cross-stitching each day, it became more of a hassle as time went on. With the influx of assignments, taking the time to cross-stitch could either have a positive or negative effect on my mood.

Speaking in terms of the readings and other discussions within the mindfulness module, I could honestly say it was eye-opening and made me realize the importance of taking care of yourself. It also helped me realize that if you don’t take the time to care for yourself, your overall productivity and success may only downgrade. As a side note, over-indulging could be a bit more detrimental to productivity, so keeping a selected timeframe within the day would do a better job of keeping you on task. Additionally, I was unaware of the amount of research compiled on this subject, but it has opened my perspective to the greater importance of caring for myself. Although, my idea still stands on utilizing multiple mindfulness techniques to keep it interesting and get the full affect of relaxation without getting bored of it.

The mindfulness module and implementing mindfulness practices has been a well-designed activity that I thoroughly enjoyed participating in. Cross-stitching, crocheting, and painting have been big parts of my life and helped me the most in relaxing outside of school. By slowly incorporating it into my daily schedule I’ve felt more level-headed, productive, and happier throughout the day. Sure, cross-stitching can get a bit frustrating at times, but it can be easily fixed and you’d be back into the relaxation period. Journaling the experience allows for that reflection period and I’ve come to appreciate sharing the experience through a blogging platform/discussion board. However, if anyone were to read through this post and talk to me about it, I might get slightly embarrassed seeing how this is a reflection of my personal thoughts. Otherwise, it has been a great experience and I hope to implement the techniques and self-awareness in my day to day life in college and beyond.