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I chose cross-stitching as my mindfulness technique for the past two weeks and my chosen activity at times was a bit of a hassle and others relaxing. The times where it was more relaxing I tended to have increased productivity and got a lot more done after completing the task. I think the changes that have occurred in my overall mood or state of mind is I am a more relaxed and happier when waking up for classes and I have a clearer mind when making decisions. I hope to continue cross-stitching, but also incorporate other mindfulness techniques to change it up and see how that could possibly affect my overall state of mind. The entirety of this activity has opened me up to the idea that it would do me well to consider myself and my well-being as a factor that plays a key role in productivity and success. The only cons that I saw was my clumsiness with a needle, but it’s safe to say that the concentration for this activity allows for some reprieve from the constant grind of homework and studying.