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If you want to have the most effective and productive workshop, you need to place the right tasks on the the right team member, that exemplifies their best qualities.

Maria likes to “stay in the background”, but is very organized and detail oriented. She can design the curricula and make sure that it is a well-flowing plan to implement.

Jack is is comfortable working with money and financing, so he can make sure the group has $300 secured in funding from local sponsors. He will also be working with Tim for the advertising to make sure the money is in check while creating the advertisements.

Anna conceived the initial idea for the workshop, so she can help Maria with the designing of the workshop. She also leads several groups on campus, so she can teach on the day of the workshop with Tim.

Tim is creative with a graphic design background, so he can lead the advertisements for the workshop. He is also going to be teaching with Anna on the day of the workshop since he likes interacting with the public.