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In order to develop the most effective and efficient workshop, you first have to analyze the strengths in each team member.

For Maria, I would assign the tasks of designing curricula and reserving a room. Reserving a room is crucial to the success of the workshop because without a room, the workshop cannot occur. Maria is organized so she will ensure that the room reservation matches the needs of the workshop. Maria will also enjoy designing curricula because she is detail-oriented. She will be able to make sure that the curricula is well-written and and informative.

For Jack, I would assign the tasks of securing funding from local sponsors as well as advertising for the event. Jack is comfortable with money and financing, so he will most likely be able to secure the money needed from sponsors in time. Jack would also be a great person to assign the advertising portion to because he it is a concrete task. There can be a timeline developed for the advertising because the workshop would have a “set” date.

For Anna, I would assign the tasks of teaching on the day of the workshop as well as designing the curricula. Anna leads several groups on campus and enjoys taking on responsibly, so she will succeed in a group setting. Anna also created the idea for the workshop. This lets me know that she most likely knows the most about the workshop material. It also helps that she is an engineering major, as it is a STEM-focused workshop. She will make sure that the information is accurate and that the workshop is everything she hopes it would be.

For Tim, I would assign the task of advertising and teaching on the day of the workshop. Tim has a graphic design background, so he would be great at developing graphics to use in advertising. The graphics would be aesthetically pleasing and would be effective in creating more talk for the event. Tim would also be great at teaching on the day of the workshop because he enjoys interacting with the public. He’s also creative, so he could aid Anna in presenting the workshop in a way that’s interesting to middle schoolers.