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The strength and clarity of this person’s podcast was very clear and understandable. I automatically knew that the speaker was concerned about gender equality when working in the kitchen with a large group of men. She even interviewed one of her former chefs from a past internship and got the courage to confront him about not treating her equally.

The volume, quality, and variety was also very good because Jessica Eng spoke at a great pace so it was never hard to keep up with what she was saying. She spoke clearly and with great confidence, which is a very good skill to have. She incorporated facts in her podcast about women in this particular workforce as well as an interview that she conducted. All of the information I gained was fresh and eye-opening.

I feel as though if she would’ve done this same piece on paper it would’ve been easier to add more information to. With the podcast, there was only six minutes she used to talk which isn’t a lot if you really think about it. However, short podcasts aren’t necessarily bad. Making one that is too long has some negatives because there is a larger chance some will get bored and stop listening.

Overall, Jessica really explains her difficulties with internships in professional kitchens all over the world. She describes different situations she was put in such as being head of the pastry kitchen to being taught how to roll dough by other men in the kitchen. It really surprised me how much gender equality is still an issue in today’s society. However, I really enjoyed this podcast and found it very informational.

For this piece, I felt that the thesis was well thought out and explained but I would’ve liked to hear more of a background of each law student that contributed to writing this blog. All we knew about them was that they were freshman two years ago and nothing more. Before I began reading about what to expect from law school, I was interested in what made them become law students and how they are dealing with it so far. Any regrets, changes, difficulties?

Although the blog was very short, it was formatted in a way that was easy to comprehend and follow. Every point was bolded at the beginning of the paragraph for easy reading. Another thing I would’ve liked to see were real-life examples when they were freshman to connect with the points that they mentioned. This would allow the reader to better understand and see how much this correlates to the real world of being a law student.

The use of pictures in this blog differentiates it from something that could’ve been written on paper. However, more pictures/resources could’ve been used to entice the reader even more. Also, something that distracted me when reading was all of the words on the side. To make it more compact, they could’ve put the author and date of publication on the top so it flows better.

Overall, I feel like the form and content had a great relationship because using a blog allows a more creative side to a piece of work. Also, it is relatable because you know that real students are writing about real experiences that they have had and are using them to help people who may be in their position in the future. I enjoyed reading this piece because it gave me insight into what it’s like being a law student but I feel like it could’ve been more specific.