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  1. Maria – The first job I assigned Maria to do was to reserve the room because she is well-organized and detail-oriented. This is very helpful because others might have forgotten or booked a bad room because they don’t care as much. The other job I would give Maria would be to design the curricula because she prefers to be in the background of group projects, but still likes to contribute.
  2. Jack – Jack should secure $300 in funding from local sponsors because he is comfortable working with money and financing. Others might be nervous when working with money because they are afraid they might lose it. The other job I would give him is advertising for the workshop. This is because he likes concrete thinking and would be able to display real-life facts and descriptions about our STEM-focused workshop.
  3. Anna – I think Anna would be really good at advertising as well because she loves responsibility and was the one who conceived the initial idea for this workshop. Therefore, she would be able to get a lot of people’s interest by mentioning why it was created and why it’s so great. I would also give her the teaching job because she is used to being a leader and would be able to teach something she is highly passionate about.
  4. Tim – I made Tim design the curricula because although he is a biology major, he does have a graphic design background. I believe he will be able to positively use his creative side to make the workshop interactive and enticing. Also, I would assign him the job of teaching because he is very interested in interacting with the public. By teaching a group of local middle-schoolers, Tim will be able to have that interaction and hopefully benefit from it, as will the children.