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I think Maria should reserve the room and be in charge of designing the curricula because she likes to stay in the background, so she won’t feel the pressure of teaching the workshop but she will still participate in some of the most vital logistical aspects of the workshop. Similarly, her focus on details and organization will help with getting these tasks done.

I think Jack should be in charge of securing the funds and reserving the room because he is comfortable working with money and financing, and both these tasks require a level head that can calmly deal with the logistics.

I think Anna should advertise the workshop and also teach. I think Anna would be good for these jobs because she conceived the initial ide, so she clearly has the passion that the job requires. She also leads several groups on campus so she would be good in the leadership role of teaching the workshop as well.

I think Tim should also advertise the workshop and teach because he has a graphic design background and is interested in interacting with the public.