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Maria- For Maria I would give her the duty of reserving a room and help design the curricula. Her description said she likes to “stay in the background”, so I will keep her behind the scenes doing work that allows her to stay out of the way from certain interactions.

Jack- Since jack is a Pre-Med major, I will give him the task of teaching the middle schoolers as well as making sure he secures the $300. Jack loves concrete tasks so, I feel as if I gave him the task of gathering $300, he will work very hard to get it. Also, since he is a Pre-Med major; I feel like he is one of the best candidates to teach the class.

Anna- Anna is a engineering major, so I decide to let her design the curricula with Maria. She will also be teaching one of the classes. She was the one who had the idea about the project so I feel like if she were able to teach it and help design it, then she would be at her perfect position to succeed.

Tim- Tim is an interesting person in this project. I feel that because he is interested in interacting with the public and having a graphic design background, he would fit the role of creating advertisements perfectly. With a graphic design background, he will be able to create good looking advertisements for the project and he will also be able to interact with the public by handing out advertisements.