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  1. Maria- The best tasks for Maria is to help reserve a room and design the curriculum of the project. Since she is more comfortable in the background of the project, therefore, it is best to give her tasks that don’t require her to work with the public. However, her strengths include organization which makes her the ideal candidate to find a space for the workshop and help design the class.
  2. Jack- I would give Jack the task of securing financing for the project due to his aptitude and focus with money. The other task I would give is to help design the advertising for the project. This is because he enjoys concrete tasks and will work hard to help design effective advertising for the workshop.
  3. Anna- For the workshop I would give Anna the tasking of designing and teaching the curriculum. Because she came up with the idea for the project, her passion for the subject makes her a strong candidate to design the workshop. She is also the ideal person to teach the class because of her leadership qualities.
  4. Tim- The tasks I would delegate to Tim is to teach and advertise for the workshop. I would have Tim teach because of his interest with working with the public. Tim’s background for graphic design is a strength which would make him the ideal candidate to advertise for the workshop.