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For Maria, I’ve assigned her the duties of reserving a room, and helping to design the actual curricula. Because she is detail oriented and wants to “stay in the background” she’ll be better at working 1 on 1 with librarians and such. She’ll be more comfortable doing this than the actual teaching.

For Jack, I’ve assigned him securing the $300 in funding, as well as being one of the Teachers of the workshop. Because he is a pre-med major and loves the concrete tasks, him teaching the middle schoolers will be perfect.

For Anna, I chose for her to help Maria with designing the curricula, as well as teaching the workshop with Jack. Because she is the one who had the initial idea to do the workshop, her designing it, as well as teaching it will be the best use of her time.

And finally for Tim, I’ve assigned him advertising for the workshop, and helping design the curricula. Because Tim is so creative, he’ll thrive in making the advertisements as well as getting the word out to local middle schools. And because Tim is a Bio major, him helping design the curricula gives it a wide range of aspects and view points.