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Maria – I would give Maria the task of reserving the room due to her wanting to “stay in the background.” Also, since Maria is very organized she can keep the team on track by taking detailed notes. She is a history major, so that requires a lot of reading and note taking.

Jack – Jack could take on the role of securing the $300 for the project. He is good with financing so he would excel in this task. Since Jack is good with numbers, he could be in charge of making sure the team is spending what they are supposed. Meaning that, no money gets wasted and the team does not overspend.

Anna – Anna can be in charge of designing the curricula. She is very involved in this project, so the curricula she designs will be on point for her group members. Anna can also be in charge of a lot of the STEM research, since she is an engineering major.

Tim- Tim would be good for designing advertisements for the workshop, since he has a background in graphic design. He would also be very good at a lot of the research portion and organization of the workshop since he is a Biology major.