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Maria: Reserve a room and advertise for the workshop. Explanation of choices: Maria can help reserve a room because she is detailed-oriented, and she can double check the correct day and time for the STEM Workshop on JMU’s campus. Maria can also help with advertising for the workshop because she can make sure that there are different forms of media that advertise the workshop. Maria is very organized, and she can ensure that information about the workshop will appear on paper flyers, mass emails, posters, etc. Both of these tasks make a major contribution towards the workshop, yet they are ideal for a person who prefers to stay in the background.

Jack: Secure $300 in funding from local sponsors and reserve a room. Explanation of choices: Jack is comfortable working with money and financing. He is able to contact local sponsors for funding and handle the finances associated with supplies and necessities for the workshop. Jack can help reserve the room because he is task oriented, and he would be able to secure the room reservation well in advance.

Anna: Design the curricula and teach on the day of the workshop. Explanation of choices: Anna is the best person to design the curricula because she conceived the initial idea for the workshop. Also, she possesses leadership qualities that enable her to delegate tasks and find resources for the development of the curricula. Anna should teach on the day of the workshop because she is a STEM major, and she can provide relevant information at the workshop to teach for the students.

Tim: Advertise for the workshop and teach on the day of the workshop. Tim can advertise for the workshop because he has a background in graphic design, and he would be the ideal person to make designs on potential advertisements on the web, flyers, posters, and other mediums. In addition, Tim should teach because he is studying biology (a STEM major), and he enjoys interacting with the public.