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Maria- I would put Maria in charge of reserving the room. Since she is well organized I think she would stay on top of it and make sure the job gets done. I would also put Maria in charge of designing curricula because of her background in history and how she is detail oriented. I think these traits would help her come up with curricula packed with information.

Jack- I would put Jack in charge of securing the $300 in funding from sponsors. I think he would be best for this because he is good with money so would be able to accurately add up how much he has collected and how much he still needs. I would also have Jack help Maria with booking the room because he likes having deadlines so he would make sure that the room is booked on time. I also think that he would be good at being a time keeper on the day of the workshop to ensure that things were happening on time.

Anna- I think that Anna should be one of the teachers. I think that she would be good at this job because she was the one who created the idea so she must have a passion for wanting to teach the middle-schooler’s. I also think that she would be good at designing the curriculum because she is a leader of many groups so would know how to lead the workshop and create the interesting content for the middle-schooler’s.

Tim- I would put Tim in charge of teaching on the day of the workshop. He noted that he is interested in interacting with the public which indicated he would be comfortable getting in front of people and talking. I would also put him in charge of the advertising because of his graphic design background. I think with this as a background he would be able to create cool advertisements for the workshop which could help with getting students interested and even sponsors.