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Maria, Jack, Anna, and Tim will be working together in order to get everything in place and to execute a STEM-focused workshop for the local middle-schoolers.

The first task to be completed is to reserve the room, which will be one of Maria’s jobs. She’s detail-oriented, which means she will take special care in finding the location that best suits their needs and getting everything set up.

Next, they will need to fundraise. Jack will be in charge of fundraising, since he’s comfortable with handling money, and Maria will assist. Jack needs a concrete job and deadlines, which Maria’s organizational skills will help with. Maria can set dates for when they need to have a certain amount of money by. She can also assist in choosing the best local sponsors so Jack has a solid task of, “Go to so-and-so and tell them about our project,” instead of “go find someone to give us money.”

They will need to advertise their workshop next. Tim and Jack will work together for advertising. Because Tim has a graphic design background, he’s the best suited candidate of the four to design the flyers and posters. Also, his interest in interacting with the public will do him well in going to talk to the local middle schools to convince the supervisors to allow their students to come. Jack can help with this, especially since they will have to have the majority of their advertising done by a certain day. Eventually, they will need to just have a headcount of who will be there versus trying to get more people in the door at the last minute.

While the advertising and fundraising is taking place, someone needs to be designing the curriculum for their workshop. Because this is Anna’s brainchild, she will be taking charge for figuring out exactly what they will be teaching. Her passion regarding the project and her background in engineering makes her the best qualified to design their program.

When the day finally comes, Anna and Tim will be teaching. Again, since this was Anna’s idea, she should be the one taking the forefront when it comes down to it. Tim will also be teaching, due to his background in biology and his interest in working with the public. His creativity will also be monumental in finding ways to keep the middle-schoolers interested in STEM-related conversation.