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Maria: She will design the curricula for the workshop. This would be an appropriate job for her because she prefers the background, but still likes to contribute. This is a crucial step for the workshop to run smoothly and be effective. Given that she is detail oriented she would be able to focus on this task and do it to the best ability. She would also reserve a room for the event. She is well organized and would be able to do this efficiently, quickly and appropriately pick a room that is bale to hold the amount of students participating plus her and her team members.

Jack: He will secure the $300 in funding from local sponsors. This responsibility fits Jack’s personality because without funding the workshop can not occur. Most likely there will be a deadline for when the group needs the money by, to start producing materials and preparing for the workshop. It will be clear to Jack when he needs to have the money by and it is a clear task with a clear deadline.

Anna: She will help run the workshop due to her experience with running other groups on campus. Additionally because she was the one her projected the idea her enthusiasm with help bring excitement and energy to the group. Her passion for the topic will hopefully bring passion to the kids partaking in the program, and encourage them to get involved with more STEM opportunities. By this being her only job she would be able to efficiently prepare for what is going to occur and how the program is going to be run.

Tim: He will advertise for the workshop. He has graphic design skills which would make him a great candidate for creating a flyer that he and his team members could hand out to advertise for it. This is also a good position for him because he wants to be involved with interacting in the public and with advertising he could do just that. He is better for this job than Jack because there would be no deadline, rather an on going task. Tim would also help run the workshop because that would get him more involved with the kids that would be participating in the workshop and would introduce him to another side of the public.