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Maria is going to be in charge of designing the curricula. This will allow her to work behind the scenes and feel comfortable while still contributing to the group. She will also help Jack with the money because she is detail-oriented and well organized. Therefore, she will make sure the money is kept safe and there are no errors in the calculations.

Jack will be in charge of the $300 since he is  comfortable with working with money and financing and this is a huge asset to the group. Jack will also be in charge of reserving the room because it is a very concrete task and he will be able to manage the time well because he thrives when he has clear deadlines.

Anna will be the leader of the group because of her invested interest in the workshop and her ability to take responsibility. She will be one of the teachers on the day of the workshop because she was in fact the one who came up with the idea and she leads other groups on campus so she is used to teaching others. Anna will also be in charge of reaching out to the sponsors in order to get the money because they will have no problem saying yes after they see her passion for the workshop.

Tim will also have a vital role in the process because he will be in charge of  advertising for the workshop. With his graphic design background and his creativity, he will be best prepared to make the ads visually appealing. Tim will also be one of the teachers on the day of the workshop since he is interested in interacting with the public.