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Maria: reserve the room, design curricula


Jack: secure $300 in funding from local sponsors,  advertise for the workshop


Anna: Teach on the day of the workshop, design curricula


Tim: Teach on the day of the workshop, design curricula  


I chose Jack to be in charge of the funding and to advertise for the workshop. Jack is the best fit for these jobs because he is comfortable working with money and he likes concrete tasks, which I feel advertising is very self-explanatory. I felt Anna would work best as the teacher for the class and the designer of the curriculum.  This project was her idea and she is passionate about the project so I felt she would have a lot of important information to add and would work very hard to make it the best she could. Anna would also be good at teaching the subject because of her passion for the project along with her experience from leading other groups on campus. Tim would be good at teaching the workshop because he is good at interacting with the public. I also felt Tim would be best at designing the curriculum because he is a bio major and STEM involves science so he would be able to add important information to the curriculum. Lastly, I felt Maria was best suited for reserving the room for the workshop and designing the curriculum. Maria likes to work behind the scenes and designing the curriculum is all done without an audience and “behind the scenes”. Maria would also be a good person to read over the final draft because she is very detail oriented to make sure there were no mistakes.  Reserving the room is a very important part of the workshop and I feel like Maria is best for this because she is very detail oriented so she will make sure she has all the exact information and that it is done correctly.