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Note: The data links in the table below will be live for the October 5 launch event!

TitleTitle VariationsDate Range      Get Data
4-Most Comics1945-1948Link to Data
Ace Fiction Group1936-1949Link to Data
Ace High1922-1927, 1930Link to Data
Action Stories1922-1924, 1935-1944Link to Data
Actual Detective StoriesActual Detective Stories of Women in Crime1938-1940Link to Data
Adventure1919-1935Link to Data
Air TrailsBill Barnes's Air Trails1936-1955Link to Data
All American Comics Group1941-1943Link to Data
All Fiction1930Link to Data
Amazing Stories1936-1939Link to Data
American Comics GroupAmerican Comic Group; American Comics Group (Combined Romance Unit and Youth Unit); American Comics Group, Combined Unit A and Unit B1948-1954Link to Data
American Fiction Group1937-1942Link to Data
American Magazine1919-1956Link to Data
American Mercury1924-1951Link to Data
Archie Comic Group1948-1972Link to Data
Archie Comics1946Link to Data
Argosy1943-1972Link to Data
Argosy All-StoryArgosy Combination (1919-1920)1919-1925Link to Data
Argosy Combination1925Link to Data
Asia1924-1942Link to Data
Atlantic Monthly1919-1972Link to Data
B'nai B'rith Magazine1925-1937Link to Data
Batman1945-1947Link to Data
Better Homes and GardensFruit, Home and Garden1923-1972Link to Data
Black Mask1925-1940Link to Data
Blue Book Magazine1922-1941Link to Data
Boys' Life1919-1972Link to Data
Breezy Stories1933-1937Link to Data
Bronze Thrills1955-1972Link to Data
Captain Marvel Adventures1944-1946Link to Data
Century1919-1929Link to Data
Charm1941-1959Link to Data
Clayton Magazines1926-1932Link to Data
Clayton Magazines (bimonthly)1927-1930Link to Data
Click1938-1944Link to Data
Climax1958-1963Link to Data
College Humor1923-1940Link to Data
Collier’s1919-1957Link to Data
Color1950-1955Link to Data
Comics on Parade1939Link to Data
Confidential1955-1959Link to Data
CosmopolitanHearst’s International Combined With Cosmopolitan1919-1972Link to Data
Country Life1922-1942Link to Data
Crime Confessions1940-1941Link to Data
Crime Detective1939-1941Link to Data
Cupid’s Diary1926-1927, 1929-1930Link to Data
Current HistoryCurrent History Magazine, New York Times Current History, Current History and Forum1919-1940Link to Data
Dell Comic GroupDell Super Comic Group1937-1942Link to Data
Dell Detective Group1937-1946Link to Data
Dell Fiction GroupDell Men’s Group1930-1943Link to Data
Dell Modern GroupModern Magazines1941-1972Link to Data
Dell Women’s Group1930Link to Data
Detective Comics Group1939-1943Link to Data
Dial1921-1923Link to Data
Double Action Group1939Link to Data
Down Beat1945-1950, 1952-1955, 1958-1972Link to Data
Dynamic Detective1938Link to Data
Ebony1947-1972Link to Data
Esquire1934-1972Link to Data
Everybody’sEverybody’s Magazine1919-1929Link to Data
Family Circle1949-1957, 1963-1972Link to Data
Famous Funnies1936-1942Link to Data
Famous Funnies and Heroic Comics1943-1950Link to Data
Fawcett Comic Group
1943-1952Link to Data
Fawcett Screen Group1943-1951Link to Data
Feature ComicsFeature Funnies1938-1940Link to Data
Fiction House1924-1931Link to Data
Field and Stream1919-1972Link to Data
Film Fun1924-1938Link to Data
Flying Aces1934-1946Link to Data
For Men Only1956-1972Link to Data
ForbesForbes Magazine1922-1972Link to Data
Forest and Stream1919-1929Link to Data
Fortune1931-1972Link to Data
ForumForum and Century1925-1940Link to Data
Fox Comic Group1940-1941Link to Data
Frontier1925-1929Link to Data
GlamourGlamour of Hollywood1939-1972Link to Data
Good Housekeeping1919-1972Link to Data
Gourmet1946-1972Link to Data
Guide Detective Unit1941-1943Link to Data
Harper's BazaarHarper's Bazar, Harper's Bazaar Incorporating Junior Bazaar1925-1972Link to Data
Harper’s1919-1972Link to Data
Harvey Comics Group1947-1972Link to Data
Hearst’s InternationalHearst’s, Hearst1919-1925Link to Data
Hillman Movie Group1947-1951Link to Data
Hit!1946-1947Link to Data
Holiday1946-1972Link to Data
Hollywood1928-1943Link to Data
House Beautiful1919-1972Link to Data
Hunter Screen Group1945-1948Link to Data
Jet1953-1972Link to Data
Jewish Tribune1921-1930Link to Data
Jive1955-1972Link to Data
Judge1919-1938Link to Data
Ken1939Link to Data
Ladies' Home Journal1919-1972Link to Data
Laff1946-1947Link to Data
Lev Gleason Comic GroupMagazine House Group1943-1955Link to Data
Liberty1924-1949Link to Data
Life1919-1972Link to Data
Look1937-1971Link to Data
Love Romances1934-1938Link to Data
Mademoiselle1936-1972Link to Data
Male1952-1972Link to Data
Man's Magazine1955-1972Link to Data
Marriage StoriesTrue Marriage Stories1926-1927, 1929Link to Data
Marvel Comic GroupMarvel Comic Group (Yellow & Red Combined)1946-1972Link to Data
Master Detective1932-1950, 1952-1972Link to Data
McCall'sMcCall's Magazine1919-1972Link to Data
McClure’s MagazineMcClure’s1919-1923, 1927-1929Link to Data
Men1953-1972Link to Data
Metropolitan1919-1925Link to Data
Mickey Mouse Magazine1937-1939Link to Data
Mid-Week Pictorial1924-1936Link to Data
Motion PictureMotion Picture Magazine, Motion Picture-Movie Classic, Motion Picture combined with Hollywood, Motion Picture and Television Magazine1919-1972Link to Data
Movie Mirror (est. 1934)1934-1940Link to Data
Movie Mirror (est. 1956)1956-1972Link to Data
Movie Show1943-1948Link to Data
Movie StoryRomantic Movie Stories1935-1951Link to Data
Movies1939-1948Link to Data
Motion Picture ClassicClassic, Movie Classic1919-1937Link to Data
Munsey Combination1926-1943Link to Data
Munsey’s Magazine1919-1925Link to Data
Nation1919-1952Link to Data
National Comics GroupNational Comics Group (Monthly Unit); National Comics Group - Combined Red and Blue Monthly Units; National Comics Group - Combined Red, Blue and Teen Romance Monthly Unit1943-1972Link to Data
National Geographic Magazine1919-1972Link to Data
New Republic1938-1951, 1966-1972Link to Data
New Yorker1925-1972Link to Data
NewsweekNews-Week1934-1972Link to Data
North-West Stories1926-1928Link to Data
Official Detective1935-1972Link to Data
Opinion1934-1947Link to Data
Our World1947-1955Link to Data
Outdoor Life
1919-1972Link to Data
Parents' MagazineChildren, The Magazine for Parents; Children, The Parents' Magazine; Parents' Magazine and Better Homemaking; Parents' Magazine and Better Family Living1927-1972Link to Data
Penthouse1970-1972Link to Data
Personal Romance1941-1972Link to Data
Photoplay1919-1972Link to Data
Physical Culture1919-1941Link to Data
Pic1938-1948Link to Data
Pictorial Review1919-1938Link to Data
Picture Play1920-1940Link to Data
Playboy1955-1972Link to Data
Popular Mechanics1927-1972Link to Data
Popular PublicationsPopular Publications Master Group, Popular Fiction Group1935-1953Link to Data
Popular RadioLink to Data
Popular Science
1919-1972Link to Data
Premium Group of ComicsLink to Data
Radio Age1924-1926Link to Data
Ranch Romances1925-1927, 1934-1950Link to Data
Readers' Digest1955-1972Link to Data
Real Detective1931-1941Link to Data
RedbookRed Book Magazine, Redbook Magazine1919-1972Link to Data
Review of ReviewsAmerican Review of Reviews1919-1937Link to Data
Rolling Stone1971-1972Link to Data
Romantic StoryRomantic Stories, Romantic Magazine1935-1943Link to Data
Saga1950-1972Link to Data
Saturday Evening Post1919-1969Link to Data
Saturday ReviewSaturday Review of Literature1940-1972Link to Data
Science and InventionElectrical Experimenter1919-1931Link to Data
Scientific American1919-1972Link to Data
Screen Guide1937-1951Link to Data
Screen Life1940-1941Link to Data
Screen Romances1929-1947Link to Data
Screen Stars (est. 1944)1944-1947Link to Data
Screen Stars (est. 1949)1952-1972Link to Data
Screen Stories1948-1972Link to Data
ScreenlandScreenland Plus TV Land1921-1940, 1946-1948, 1955-1972Link to Data
Scribner’s Magazine1919-1938Link to Data
ScriptRob Wagner’s Script1932-1942Link to Data
See1944-1958Link to Data
Sense1943Link to Data
Sepia1955-1972Link to Data
Seventeen1944-1972Link to Data
Short Stories1919-1050Link to Data
Sir1946-1947Link to Data
Sky Riders1929Link to Data
Smart Set1923-1930Link to Data
Snappy Stories1926-1927Link to Data
Snappy Stories GroupLive Stories and Snappy Stories; Snappy Stories, Wit of the World, and Live Stories1922-1925Link to Data
Social Justice1938-1940Link to Data
Speed Fiction Group1945-1946Link to Data
Sports Illustrated1954-1972Link to Data
Spur1937-1940Link to Data
Stag1952-1972Link to Data
Standard Comics Group1949-1954Link to Data
Startling Detective1946-1947Link to Data
Street and Smith Combination1919-1947Link to Data
Street and Smith Comic Group1942-1946Link to Data
Superman1945-1947Link to Data
Sweetheart Stories1926-1927, 1929-1930, 1934-1939Link to Data
TanTan Confessions1951-1971Link to Data
Teck Publications1935-1937Link to Data
Telling Tales1922-1925Link to Data
Thrilling Comics Group1944-1948Link to Data
Thrilling GroupThrilling Fiction Unit, Thrilling Fiction Group1935-1957Link to Data
Time1924-1972Link to Data
Tip Top Comics1937-1939Link to Data
Today's Woman1945-1954Link to Data
Tower Magazines1931-1935Link to Data
Travel1925-1942Link to Data
Triple-X1924-1925Link to Data
Tru-Life Detective Cases1946-1947Link to Data
True Comics1943-1948Link to Data
True ConfessionsFawcett's Magazine1924-1972Link to Data
True DetectiveTrue Detective Mysteries1924-1972Link to Data
True ExperiencesExperience, True Experience1926-1972Link to Data
True Life Stories1954, 1957-58Link to Data
True RomancesTrue Romance1924-1972Link to Data
True Story1921-1972Link to Data
TV Guide1950-1972Link to Data
United States News1935-1948Link to Data
U.S. News and World Report1948-1972Link to Data
Uncensored Confessions1956-1960Link to Data
United Feature Comic Group1940-1954Link to Data
Vanity Fair1919-1935Link to Data
Varsity1948-1950Link to Data
Vital Detective Cases1946-1948Link to Data
VogueVogue Incorporating Vanity Fair1919-1972Link to Data
War Birds1929-1930Link to Data
War Novels1929-1930Link to Data
War Stories1929-1930Link to Data
Weird Tales1939-1950Link to Data
Western Romances1929-1930Link to Data
Whiz Comics
1944-1946Link to Data
Woman's Home Companion1919-1957Link to Data
Woman's Weekly1919-1924Link to Data
Woman's World1919-1924Link to Data
Women1919-1940Link to Data
World Report1947-1948Link to Data
World's Work1919-1932Link to Data
Young Publishing GroupYoung’s Magazine and Breezy Stories; Young’s Magazine, Breezy Stories, and Droll Stories1922-1933Link to Data
Youth's Companion1919-1929Link to Data
Ziff-Davis Fiction GroupLink to Data