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Brooks would like to dedicate his work on this project to his parents, both accountants, to whom he owes his love/hate relationship with spreadsheets.

Ed dedicates his work on this project to his UC Berkeley research apprentices who showed endless enthusiasm for historical research as well as his three cats who always wondered what the frenetic typing on his keyboard was all about.

Many students at multiple institutions gave incredible time and energy to this project in the form of photographing reports, entering data, and contributing to early development of the visualization tools. We are grateful to them!

  • From James Madison University: Emily Baker, Devin Boehmer, David Bohn, Spencer Carr, Angelina I. Chang, Ashley Harris, Wes Jamison, Magi Jo Linscott, Megan Medeiros, Rob Porter, Kateland Rojanovongse, Kate Stephens, Ardyn Tennyson, and Jordan Zapp.
  • From the University of California, Berkeley: Rani Davina Chan, Jason Chin, Serena Chow, Sofia Duarte, Karolina Esqueda, Aimee Jacobo, Mijoo Kim, Angelica Mejia, Roann Pao, Sophie-Marie Prime, Alicia Serena, Dalia Soto-Beltran, Raina Yang, Fangxu (Jessie) Ying, and Helen Yip.
  • From Duke University: Wenyue (Lucy) Gu, Martha Hagan, Jiaye (Joe) Wang, and Daniella Welton.

Thanks to Susan Garfinkel and Mary Jackson at the Library of Congress for help accessing the offsite collections.

Thanks to Jennnifer Anderson and Susan Kantor at the Alliance for Audited Media for coordinating a research visit there.

Thanks to the Interlibrary Loan offices at James Madison University, the University of California, Berkeley, and Duke University for untiring support of this project.

Header image: Berenice Abbott, Newsstand, 32nd Street and Third Avenue, Manhattan (1935) from the New York Public Library.