AR/VR/360 Media

Innovation in Immersive Technology


The fields of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 360° media development—collectively known as immersive technology—are growing rapidly. This undergraduate, multidisciplinary, and project-focused course focuses on the development of new applications for this emerging field. This website serves as the online archive of the student projects.

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Spring 2019

Josh Abbot

Alaina Agatone

Santiago Alvarez

Emily Barrett

Molly Berger

Shea Burch

Cat Cao

Olivia Carlson

Carl Clermont

Briggs Clinard

Nate Clingman

Tara Beth Coll

Poppy Crawshaw

Julia Desmedt

Mitch Donohoe

Kelsie Edmonds

Colin Elliot

Kyle Finney

Caroline Fox

Rachael Frost

Morgann Henn

Avery Higgins

Daren Kubica

Marck Marquez

Heath Morrison

Ryan Nigro

Stephen Pannier

Niket Patel

Roman Pogoretskiy

Brianna Preputnik

Alexis Ratliff

Daniel Romero

Bryce Simpson

Katherine Manalo*

Joel Spiers*


*Student Teaching Assistants

Meet the Faculty

James Barnes

James Barnes

James Barnes is a professor in immersive technology in the JMU X-labs, among other things. He likes ideas, collaboration, and systems thinking.

Carol Dudding

Carol Dudding

Carol Dudding is a professor in the College of Health and Behavioral Studies. She is always looking for innovations in training students in healthcare.

Kevin Phaup

Kevin Phaup

Kevin Phaup is a professor in Industrial Design and maker of things, physical and virtual. He thrives on user centered design, improving experiences, and working in teams on complex problems.