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Welcome To AR/VR/360 MEDIA


The fields of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 360° media development—collectively known as immersive technology—are growing rapidly.

This undergraduate, multidisciplinary, and project-focused course focuses on the development of new applications for this emerging field. This website serves as the online archive of the student projects.

The Challenge: A Virtual Reality Tour of JMU’s Campus


In 2017, students from 10 different majors began designing and building a virtual reality tour of JMU’s campus using the latest technology in 360° media and VR. Students are incorporating videography, coding and user experience design to develop “Experience JMU 360: A Virtual Tour”. In partnership with the JMU Office of Admissions and University Communications & Marketing, the tour is now part of a recruitment exhibit in the newly renovated Madison Hall Admissions Building.

Student Innovation Teams

Fall 2017
Chad Aldrich (’19) Finance, Josh Blount (’18) Media Arts & Design, Christian Caruso (’19) Computer Information Systems, Georgia Corey (’18) Computer Science, Kaleb Fasil (’18) Computer Science, Nahom Fissaha (’18) Engineering*, Daniel Gerlach (’19) Mathematics, Ben Gilliam (’18) Integrated Science & Technology,
Austin Joachim (’17) Computer Science, Erin Kavusak (’19) Biology, Sam Kiwus (’18) Computer Science, Sara Kraeutler (’18) Integrated Science & Technology, Eamon MacDonald (’18) Biology, Charlie McCrea (’18) Computer Science, Fabrice Mulumba (’18) Computer Information Systems, Nathan Schrand (’18) Media Arts and Design, Public Policy & Administration, Skylar Wolen (’18) Finance, Computer Information Systems*
Spring 2018
Ceanna Adams (‘18) Media Arts & Design, Emily Barrett (‘19) Industrial Design, Heather Bell (‘18) Media Arts & Design, Molly Berger (‘20) Industrial Design, Kelly Bruner (‘18) Media Arts & Design, Christian Caruso (‘19) Computer Information Systems*, Kris Case (‘19) Computer Information Systems, Abigail Dahlin (‘18) Communication Studies, Matt Engelhardt (‘18) Computer Science, Evan Finley (‘18) Media Arts & Design, Nahom Fissaha (‘18) Engineering*, Andrew Fitzgerald (‘18) Industrial Design, David Gutierrez (‘18) Computer Information Systems, Eamon MacDonald (‘18) Biology*, Katherine Manalo (‘20) Media Arts & Design, Jenna Maresco (‘19) Media Arts & Design, Kyle McGill (‘18) Computer Information Systems, Jenna McMahon (‘20) Computer Information Systems, Quan Nguyen (‘18) Computer Information Systems, Briana Preputnik (‘19) Industrial Design, Zach Snyder (‘18) Computer Information Systems, Joel Spiers (‘19) Computer Science, Brenda Tapp (‘18) Media Arts & Design, Skylar Wolen (‘18) Finance, Computer Information Systems*
Meet the Faculty

James Barnes

James Barnes is a professor in immersive technology in the JMU X-labs, among other things. He likes ideas, colloboration, and systems thinking.