Our team has taken on the task of creating a desktop simulation for the Communication and Speech Disorders department. Using 360 video footage, we were able to piece together a laboratory simulation for online graduate students that are in need of an immersive lab experience. By creating equal opportunities in online learning, we cultivate a strong educational environment, and strengthen the bond between the students and their professors. 

Meet the Team

Maya Kahalany

Media Arts and Design, Senior

Connor Van Rafelghem

Computer Science, Senior

Jake Adkins

Computer Science, Senior

The Impact

Patient manikins used in training simulations are extremely expensive and inaccessible to the general public. Thus, the Communication and Speech Disorders (CSD) Department at James Madison University came to us to develop a desktop application that is available to online students. Our application works to provide these students with an immersive simulation experience that they would otherwise not have access to. 

After working long and hard, our team developed a full-functioning simulation with 360 degree video, that allows users to interact with their environment. Clickable objects do not come into view unless hovered over, giving the students the opportunity to make decisions based on their own knowledge. In addition, professors are able to track each decision made by the student, in order to conduct assessments. Our clients at the CSD Department were very happy with the final product and plan to trial it in the near future. 

While our application was used to recreate a particular pediatric course at James Madison University, this online simulation can be revised to reflect many other lab simulations throughout the entire medical department and beyond. In addition, the application also has the potential to be converted into a VR experience, which would allow for added immersion. Our team is very proud of our work thus far, and we are excited to see it’s growth in the future!