Problem Statement:

As a potential student, visualizing James Madison University can be a bit of a challenge if you have never stepped foot on campus. While James Madison University does offer tours of the stunning campus, not every individual wants to or is able to walk around the large, dynamic campus. This virtual reality tour is an enhancement and revamp of the past James Madison University Virtual Reality Tours. Our goal was to re-organize content, create strong user experience design, and involve intuitive usability. In addition to that, it was important for us to keep up with the growing campus and film new parts of the campus to add to the Virtual Reality Tour.

Old vs New:

As we progress into the third version of the James Madison University Virtual Reality Tour something that has significantly advanced is the overall aesthetics of the buttons and menu. We managed to create a menu that is not only intuitive in its layout, but looks welcoming and futuristic. There are new icons incorporated with each button. The previous version organized the content through the categories: photos, videos, and other. We decided to organize the content by typical university tour categories such as “Residential,” “ Recreation” and “Academic.” By taking this approach we decided to ignore whether the content was a video or a photo and just focus on what the image or video is actually capturing. The way that the menu functions in no longer with a drop down menu but now as a more static menu.

October 10th

Set Goals

  • Reorganizing all of the content
  • Utilize a visual to reorganize content
  • Restart button
  • Definitely not elegant current version
  • Utilizes Arduino to send a keystroke to the software On having a set height
  • Play around with it, use different height people to test
  • A lot of research questions, organize it into a todo list

October 20th


    • Familiarizing ourselves with the 360 camera
    • Button design brainstorm

October 21th

    • Testing and experimenting
      • 1. What is the best way to select items on the screen?
        • I had originally thought that changing from the pinch to the various detectors would be simple, but it was not as easy as I thought. The input module has the pinch detector hard coded, so you can not interchange the various detectors. However, I found that by switching to hybrid from projective always the user to either pinch or touch the buttons. This will solve the problem of having a better method of selection but also allowing people you can’t pinch have an alternative way to select items
      • 2. Resetting VR Camera Orientation and stitching
        • Think about your surroundings, at a football game, sometimes it might be better to record high up because user needs to see over people and the full surroundings. or in the pool at urec it is not necessarily feasible to have the camera close to the water because it is not waterproof. In other regular settings, set the tripod to an average height in order to make the user not feel like they are floating. In Unity, see if we can adjust the camera settings on the terrain. It seems like it could be possible. In terms of stitching keep in on Auto Stitch and when you take the usb from the camera and plug it into the computer, drag the content into the Insta360 stitcher on the desktop. We need a user and password but Kat said that James will set us up with that soon.

October 25th

  • Film ISAT

October 28th

  • Vertical Slice/ Template/ UX/UI in Unity

November 3rd

  • Filmed Massanutten

November 11th

  • Working Prototype

November 13th

  • Logo Brainstorm and Creation

November 18th

  •  Beta Testing Event

November 19th

  • Resolving Issues from Beta Event