Our team is meant to build foundations for future projects to follow, creating a gateway towards incorporating live data and CAD visualization in AR in more complex ways.

Architectural designers, contractors, and clients ultimately all benefit from being able to visualize a building in AR before it’s constructed. Future researchers in this space can use our scaling, placement, and texture transfer research to create more immersive experiences.

Visualization of CAD models in real space is a growing industry that promises to revolutionize how designers and engineers iterate and get feedback on designs.Additionally, displaying real-time data in the user’s environment has the power to change how we observe information. When the data is no longer connected to a physical location, how does this change how we interact with data?

Technicians, pilots, and more could reap the benefits of being able to view relevant sensor data without having to divert their attention from the task at hand. Our research in connecting live data streams to Unity takes this concept out of the big screen and into (augmented) reality.

Meet the Team

Benjamin Corey

Industrial Design, Sophomore

Ed Saylor

Adult Learning Program

Peter Donohue

Computer Information Systems, Senior

Henry Monk

Computer Science, Junior