AR/VR/360 Media

Innovation in Immersive Technology


The fields of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 360° media development—collectively known as immersive technology—are growing rapidly. This undergraduate, multidisciplinary, and project-focused course focuses on the development of new applications for this emerging field. This website serves as the online archive of the student projects.

Meet the Teams

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360 Mafia

Mobile Moguls

Motion Devotion


The Innovators

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Fall 2018
Zack Allen (Computer Science), 19

Jeffrey Banghart (Computer Science), 20

Ben Butler (Computer Science), 20

Carl Clermont (Computer Science), 19

Nate Cook (Industrial Design), 19

Jordan Crowe (Computer Information Systems), 20

Cecilia Fox (Biology), 19

Emily Gordon (Media Arts & Design, Computer Information Systems), 18

Thomas Knupp (Computer Information Systems), 20

Andrew Levy (Math), 19

Katherine Manalo (Media Arts & Design), 20*

Jack Packard (Finance), 21

Sam Parker (Media Arts & Design), 20

Antoine Prince (Media Arts & Design, International Affairs), 19

Cameron Robinson (Engineering), 19

Joel Spiers (Computer Science), 19*

Robert Stocker (Computer Science), 20

Brennen Whaley (Media Arts & Design), 20

Nicole Wishard (Media Arts & Design), 20


*Student Teaching Assistants

Meet the Faculty

James Barnes

James Barnes

James Barnes is a professor in immersive technology in the JMU X-labs, among other things. He likes ideas, collaboration, and systems thinking.